How to get free coins playing online casino

casino free coinsIf there’s one thing that we can assure is that you can now find all of your favourite land-based casino games at different online casino websites.

Not only do these online casino websites have a well-decorated portfolio of games for you to choose from, which include every possible type and taste, but they also continue adding newer games every now and then just to ensure that their roster never gets boring and tired.

Despite their efforts to add more games, there’ll always be one question nagging, even the experienced players online: which are the best games to play?

Even by reading some of the most detailed and comprehensive reviews, you’ll never really get to know your taste and preference, which can translate to spending so much money online.

Lucky for you… you have what is referred to as casino free coins.

What are casino free coins?

Just as the names suggests, casino free coins are the free coins that the online casino website offers you. Underline the word online casino because the brick and mortar casinos never have this offer.

Thanks to these coins, you can always try some of the services offered at the casino, including playing the game free of any charges.

Different websites offer these coins in different forms and for different reasons for different audiences but mostly, the main purpose of the coins is to attract players to the website.

In this guide, we are going to focus on how you can get the free coins while playing at an online casino.

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How to get free coins to play online casino games

The welcome bonus offer

bonus free casino coinsThe very best way for you to get the casino free coins and try out as many online casino games as you wish is by claiming the casino’s generous welcome bonus offer.

Over the course of your first two, three, four or five deposits, you’ll be in a position to claim the casino’s welcome bonus offer, which includes free coins in some instances and use it to take a spin on whichever game you fancy.

It’s worth noting that some of the online casinos usually have restrictions on how you can use the free coins if you have to claim them. For example, you’ll only be able to play a certain game using them.

Extra Promotions in the Casino

In addition to the welcome bonus offer, casinos tend to have other regular promotions to keep their customers sticking for a little bit longer.

These promotions vary from time to time – and season to season.

casino-promotion for free coinsWhen the casino has a new game for example, and they wish to promote the game so that more players can play it, they’ll have casino free coins on the game. Using the coins, you can actually play and win real money, which, however, you can only withdraw after meeting the set wagering requirement.

Also, during holidays, such as the summer break or Christmas period, there are normally so many offers that come in the form of free coins for you to claim and use them to play and unwind at the site.

Demo Play

Are you a slots aficionado? Do you live for the rush of adrenaline that you get from the spin of the roulette wheel? Or do you like challenging yourself by trying to beat the dealer at Blackjack by getting a hand value that’s stronger than that of the croupier?

Regardless of your preference, do you know that every online casino website usually has casino free coins on each of the games mentioned above?! This is a requirement by the top legislation bodies, which requires the casinos to give players access to free coins in the demo play, which they can use to try the games they offer.

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By enrolling to an online casino’s VIP program

The online casino VIP program is a special ratification that’s geared towards giving the casino’s loyal and high rollers special treatment in terms of promotions, discounts and other exclusive benefits that the regular casino player won’t be able to have access to.

Casino VIP Program free coinsSome of these exclusive benefits include offering players the free coins, which they can use as they wish. What is the process involved in giving you the coins?

Once you’ve been enrolled as a VIP at the casino, you’ll automatically start earning points for every real money bet that you place.

Once you’ve accumulated the required number of points, you can redeem them for free coins and use them to either play the games, convert them to real money and withdraw or use them as per the casino’s conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Casino Free Coins

How do casinos make free money from free coins?

Usually, online casino websites make their money from charging commission on the games they offer. For example, if you play a slot machine game with a 96% RTP, the remaining 4% is the commission that the casino charges you. Therefore, the casino doesn’t make any cash from the free coins.

Can free coins be withdrawn in form or real cash?

free casino coins real cashIt depends. Some online casinos have policies that allow players to withdraw the free coins in form or real money, while others can only allow you to use the coins to play and access some of the games offered at the casino.

However, before you withdraw the bonus, you have to meet what is referred to as wagering requirements, which is the amount of money you have to spend in betting.

Do I need bonus codes to withdraw the free coins?

Again, it depends on the online casino website you are playing from. Certain casinos will allow you claim the bonus easily but others will require you to use the bonus code to claim the bonus.

This code is usually located in the bonus terms and conditions, or the online casino will send it to your email.


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