How to Win In Casino

If all you want is some visual fun when you enter an online casino, then you can place a deposit and begin spinning slot machines haphazardly.

In fact the shining glitter of online casinos is enough to make you feel like you’ve reached wonderland. But is it all you want? How about winning and taking home more than rotary tickets?

won at casinoWhile you still need to keep your day job, you could do well with some extra cash to help pay your bills.

Some players have even embarked on global expeditions enabled by their massive winnings, only because they cared to learn how to win in a casino.

How to Win In Casino Games

  1. Be keen

Keen on what, you wonder? Well, it is the keen player who notices the dealer’s missteps. Suppose the dealer is clumsy, and instead of dealing a card facing down the card is flashed and exposed.

Even if that happens in a flash of a moment, you will register that if you are keen.

In fact, one casino regular whose favorite is blackjack, confesses that for a long time he made winnings out of dealers’ recklessness. It is said if you capitalize on such situations, you can have even a 9% edge against the house.

  1. Keep your eye on the ball

In brick and mortar casinos, the scantily dressed beauties moving around can be a distraction that makes you lose more than you win at the tables.

Online casinos, too, have their distractions, and you may find yourself paying more attention to beautiful adverts or alluring signals of potential bonuses.

Even if you learn the basics of how to win in a casino but do not have the discipline to keep focused on the game at hand, you may not make any meaningful wins.

  1. play big - win big

    If you are playing slots, play big

The reason is that penny slots give the house an enormous edge against you – anywhere between 15% and 20%. So you are better off betting $5 and above.

  1. Don’t play games where chances of winning are close to zero

If nobody has ever won anything beyond a couple of dollars in a certain casino game, as far as you know, on what would you be placing your hope of winning? That is the case with the game of Keno.

Have you witnessed anyone matching the 20 numbers on the 20-spot ticket? The odds are clearly several trillion times against you. Give the game a wide berth.

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How to Win In Casino Roulette

Roulette is very popular and one of the games you are likely to be drawn to in an online casino. That is why in learning how to win in casino games roulette should make the list. With keenness and tact, you can be a big winner at roulette.

  • Leave when it is time

example of jackpot in a casino

Do you want to win lots of money when playing roulette? Then learn to wind up your gaming session when it counts. And when is this point?

Well, usually you will begin to win in the initial stages of the game, and this winning could go on and on and make you feel like you want to play all through till morning. But, beware:

Your winning gradient only rises up to a certain point, and from then on, the house begins to reclaim its due – you begin losing and losing, and usually the loss is huge.

The magic number of hands that will have been played before you begin losing in Roulette is said to be 30,000. So check out the playing crowd and estimate when it is time to fold up.

  • Note when nature is skewed in your favor

How does the game of roulette go? It is based on a rotating wheel, isn’t it? Now, if you remember your elementary science, this is the kind of movement that gets some parts of the system eroded.

In roulette, such erosion may not be much, but believe me it could make the difference between the ball landing on this number and not that or any other.

Note it is the frets that separate individual numbers that gradually become worn out, and this makes the wheel unbalanced.

If you are serious about making a win, you will take note of the numbers that seem to be privileged by the wheel’s imbalance.

Then you will make big bets on them. In fact, someone by the name of Joseph Jagger made a point of learning how to win in casino roulette, and in 1873, he took advantage of an unbalanced wheel at the Monte Carlo casino.

The result…? A massive win equivalent to today’s $7.8million!

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Anyway, after all is said and done, gaming and betting in casinos is about fun and not just winning.

But if you know anyone who frowned in anger when they won a jackpot worth millions of dollars, do me a favor and show them to me. Then I’ll stop giving people tips on how to win in a casino.

The reality of the matter is that a good many people have done a lot of good in their communities using their casino winnings. Some casinos, too, have greatly impacted communities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), donating funds to health victims and victims of natural calamity.

So when you learn how to win in casino games like roulette, blackjack and others, there is a chance of greater good coming out of it.

placing bets and winningAnd as we have already highlighted, people also want to have fun as they engage in casino betting games.

The fact that you have learnt how to win in casino roulette, and become an expert in the game, does not deter you from enjoying other games you may choose.

After all, it is even mentally healthy to partake in a variety of games, because they all engage and tease your brain in different ways.